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Video Surveillance systems are an important part of any overall Arizona security system. Video camera systems help document and give control to Arizona home and business owners and also let you know what’s going on when your not there to watch everything that is going on.

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Analog or IP System?

We recommend installing an IP camera system with a network video recorder. (NVR) These IP video surveillance systems are now affordable and offer the highest HD megapixel image quality for cameras and recordings, the most video storage, and are simplier to use that older analog systems. You can control your camera system from your smartphone.


Do megapixels matter?

You will see an example in the image below of the difference in megapixels (MP) of video cameras. The larger the megapixel of the IP camera, the clearer and wider the image will be. There are many affordable options for 3MP and 4MP video cameras available today. Give us call for more information.


We would love the opportunity to help you design a video security camera system that meets your needs and fits your budget. Schedule a FREE QUOTE TODAY!

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