Jong Lee, M.D., Chief of Staff Burns | Shriners Children's Texas (2024)

Sep 12, 2022

Jong Lee, M.D., Chief of Staff Burns | Shriners Children's Texas (1)

Jong Lee, M.D., a 21-year veteran of caring for children with acute burns at Shriners Children’s Texas, has been named the hospital’s chief of staff for burns and the Jim and Susan Clawson Endowed Chair.

“Dr. Lee’s experience and reputation as an international leader in burn care, in addition to his vision to elevate the hospital as a center of excellence within the Shriners Children’s network, made him an exceptional choice for our chief of burns,” said Steve White, chairman of the hospital’s Board of Governors.

According to Dr. Lee, his inspiration for treating patients with burns started early in his career during his surgical residency. That passion motivated him to pursue a career at Shriners Children’s in pediatric burn care, where he has had the opportunity to care for children from all over the world.

“As chief of burns, I would like to advance the hospital’s outreach and community clinics to the next level, and reach out to children in rural areas and in Central America,” he said. “We will continue Shriners Children’s record of providing exceptional care to children and their families regardless of their ability to pay.”

Dr. Lee said he enjoys building relationships with his patients and their families at Shriners Children’s, and witnessing their recovery as they grow.

“Our team believes wholeheartedly in the Shriners Children’s mission,” he said. “That’s why we’re all here. There’s nothing better than seeing a kid start to smile. Everybody enjoys seeing that.”

Dr. Lee has a long history in clinical researchin burn care, focusing on the areas of burn resuscitation, nutrition, hyper metabolism, and infection. He has published 26 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 15 book chapters. He is a journal reviewer for the Burns Journal and the Journal of Burn Care & Research. He is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the 147th Medical Group of Texas Air National Guard and serves as a critical care air transport team member; the medical director of infection control, and an EMT.

“We look forward to working with Dr. Lee in this leadership position,” said White. “He is a great surgeon who is dedicated to research and education, and will continue to support the tradition of excellent care here at Shriners Children’s Texas.”

Dr. Lee is a member of the American College of Surgeons and the International Society for Burn Injuries. He is involved in the American Burn Association and the Society of Critical Care Medicine, as well as several committees at UTMB and Shriners Children’s Texas.

Dr. Lee was born in Korea and moved to the United States when he was 13. He received his medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, and went on to complete his general surgical residence at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center and Temple University School of Medicine in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Soon after, he complete fellowships in burn surgery and surgical critical care at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, Texas; where he later joined the UTMB Department of Surgery in 2002. He has treated critical burn patients at both UTMB and Shriners Children's for more than 20 years.

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Jong Lee, M.D., Chief of Staff Burns | Shriners Children's Texas (2024)
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