My New Life, Isekai'd To a Generic Crossover Anime World with the Power to Summon from Fiction!? (2024)

You woke up one random day, and found yourself with a strange… scroll of knowledge inside of your hand, it looked absolutely ancient, and yet you found that you couldn't put it away- or even let go of it.

But when you went to open that scroll, all you saw was… a bunch of fictional settings that you knew, like Marvel, DC, Ben 10- or stuff like Naruto and One Piece.

"What the?" You muttered to yourself in shock, as you unfurled and furled the scroll, before finally opening it fully and watching as it continued on… and on… and on, practically going to the length of your bedroom.

'Oh no, that's going to be a pain to clean up, isn't it?' You thought to yourself… but at that very moment, it snapped shut, almost like magic.

This was- this was freaky as hell, so you quickly got out of your bed and… and you stopped, staring at yourself in the mirror.

Who did you see in the mirror?

[] The Average Student: No Bonus to any Rolls (other than Japanese at a +2), +1 to Fiction Summoning Rolls.

[] The Gaijin: English starts at 1, +2 to English Rolls, +1 to Physical Rolls, -1 to Japanese Rolls.

[] The Athlete: +2 to Physical Rolls, +2 to Japanese Rolls, -1 to Mental Rolls.

[] The Studious: +2 to Mental Rolls, +2 to Japanese Rolls, -1 to Physical Rolls.

[] The Loner: +2 to Stealth Rolls, +2 to Japanese Rolls, -2 to Social Rolls.

[] The Ikeman: +2 to Social Rolls, +2 to Japanese Rolls, -2 to Stealth Rolls.

"This… this isn't me." You muttered to yourself, as you stared at the you in the reflection. But even so, you still had… memories of this life.

What is your Appearance?

[] Write-in or Post an Image:

It was strange, you- your name- it was… no, wait. Why- why couldn't you remember your old name? What- what the hell is going on!?

Staring at yourself, no staring at this stranger in the mirror- you could remember everything about them, and yet you couldn't recall a thing about your life. Was- was your life just some sort of vivid dream that you were swiftly forgetting?... But that can't be right, could it?

You were once someone else, but now- now you were…

What is your name?

[] Write-in (If Gaijin, English Name. If anything else, Japanese Name):

Testing the name on your tongue, it sounded right, and wasn't that just existentially terrifying?

But at least you didn't wake up in some sort of isekai world right? Because that's what you're currently thinking. An isekai at least kind of makes sense…

Even if it is a super lame one, if your memories are correct, this was just… another normal world.

Yet it seems like you have some sort of cheat, in this strange scroll with a bunch of fictional settings on it… though, you didn't know what you were going to do with a damn scroll that won't leave your hand.

Just like that, as you thought those words… the scroll vanished into motes of light, but you just knew that with a simple thought? You could summon it into your hand again.

And of course, you did so. You weren't going to not test out the ability to summon the scroll, as you had it appear into and vanish from your hand.

It was honestly kind of fun, just watching it appear directly into your hand, but you didn't have time to focus on that. You had a damn school to get to.

Sakura Academy was a… generic as hell name for a school, in your opinion. But it was one of the top schools in all of Japan, practically everyone who went there went on to become at least slightly important in Japan.

And Hope's Peak Academy this was not, as you made sure to keep fully up to date on- well, everything about the school. Including whether or not some talking bear had taken it over… okay who were you kidding? You really didn't know the plot to Danganronpa, and had the bare basics to go off of.

But that doesn't matter, as you had to get actually dressed for school. So with that, you went over to your closet and picked out your school uniform, before running and taking a shower.

In your panic, you completely forgot about the scroll that had once again vanished from your hand.

Hello one and all to a brand new Yite Quest, here we've got a little thing I've brewed up called the Fiction Summoner.

What is it, you may ask? Well, it's a list of over 700 works of fiction… which will be rolled every week or so in the quest, with only one roll (unless you choose Average Student) to see just

what or… who we summon.

There is no limit to the summons, you could get a character, a monster, an item, or even an ability. The only things I'd reroll for are if we get like an Episode, Song, or a Chapter from a series, or an Actor who played a character or someone else IRL who is somehow related to the series, like a producer or some sh*t.

For Actors/Producers/Whatever while they're related to the series they're from? They're not

from the series. And in the case of Chapters/Episodes… I'm not going through the whole headache of dealing with that sh*t.

Anyway with that, here's a basic look at the Stat System that I'm using, each Stat starts at a base of


Physical: The physical rolls, these would be used for close ranged combat, running, basically anything purely

physical. Maybe at high levels you could get some sort of Chi?
Mental: And of course this would be the intellectual version of the physical rolls, used for deduction, studying, basically anything mental. Maybe at high levels you could get Psychic or Magical Abilities?
Social: The social rolls, for the gift of the gab and whatnot. This is for whenever you want to befriend people, lie to cops, or do a bunch of social stuff. Who knows, maybe at high levels you could… befriend a God?
Stealth: And this my friends, is the skill for… not dealing with people whatsoever, stealthily sneaking away from an awkward conversation, or being able to steal things you really shouldn't.

And then there are the Language Skills, of which Japanese starts at a 1, so a +2 would mean it's at 3, which is the average for a person's first language. The exception for this is of course The Gaijin.

Here's what the Base Stat System looks like:

Physical: 1. (Brittle Bones)
Mental: 1. (Feeble Minded)
Social: 1. (As Charismatic as a Dead Fish)
Stealth: 1. (And about as stealthy as a Dying Fish)

So with that out of the way, let's get into the quest itself!

My New Life, Isekai'd To a Generic Crossover Anime World with the Power to Summon from Fiction!? (2024)
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