Forager Archaeology Item Locations and Dungeons Guide | Gaming Tier List (2024)

Forager Archaeology Item Locations and Dungeons Guide | Gaming Tier List (1)

HopFrog, S.A.’s Forager has become a big hit on Steam. A Legend of Zelda inspired take on games like Stardew Valley and Terraria, Forager has taken on an identity all its own. And, players love it.

With new players now flooding in to play this hit Steam title, we have decided to produce a quick guide to all of the archaeology item locations and some walkthroughs for the game’s several dungeons.

If you would like help with Forager’s many quest lines and chest locations, check out our guide here.

Archaeology Item Locations

A museum lies within the grass biome, empty of any historic wonders. It is up to the player to fill the museum back up with great treasures that they find throughout their journey. The most coveted of these relics are the archaeology items. These items are either discovered at digging spots or at fishing traps.

Here are all of the archaeology items and where to find them.

Anchor200A fish trap within the grass biome
Dino Egg200A dig spot within the fire biome
Fossil200A dig spot within the grass biome
Frozen Relic200A dig spot within the winter biome
Frozen Squid200A fish trap within the winter biome
Kapala200A dig spot within the graveyard biome
Lava Eel200A fish trap within the fire biome
Skeleton Fish200A fish trap within the graveyard biome
Sphynx200A dig spot within the desert biome
Sunken Ankh200A fish trap within the desert biome

Dungeon Walkthroughs

Within Forager, there are four total dungeons. Each dungeon features enemies to fight, bosses to battle and treasure to loot. With that in mind, we have pooled up a list of each and every dungeon’s bosses, chests and valuable items.

Check it out below.

Ancient Tomb

This dungeon is located within the desert biome. After entering the dungeon, bring the nearby electric box towards the switch on the top-right of the room. There will be two options, to journey left or right. Turn right to face some enemies that are guarding two chests.

Doubling back, you can now take the leftwards passageway. You will discover the electric box, which needs to be pushed towards the top of the room. Then, push the box to the right.

You should now have access to the right side of the room. Move the two electric boxes to the left of the split between the two passageways to open the main door.

Moving forward past the door, you will find a large blue box which contains the Thunder Rod. Next, double back and bring all of the electric boxes to the right of the split between the two passageways. Now you should be able to venture to the right in order to discover the skeleton key.

Double back once more in order to use the skeleton key to reveal the dungeon’s boss, the Thunder Elemental. Defeating the boss will grant you an Ancient Seal and a Heart Container.

Fire Temple

The Fire Temple dungeon resides within the Fire Biome. When entering the dungeon, turn right to discover a chest. Next, go upwards to discover another chest. After continuing on, you will eventually come across a room of fireballs. You can then turn right or go upwards. First, go upwards to discover a Blue Skeleton Key. Double back and take the right passage, using the new key to open the door.

You will soon be met with another split pair of passages. Go upwards until you discover another room of fireballs. Turn right from there to discover the Red Skeleton Key. Double back and take the alternate route at the split, using your new key to unlock the passage’s door.

From here, you can grab the Green Skeleton Key. The associated green door is back in the dungeon’s main room and will reveal the Fire Rod.

The Fire Rod will allow you to burn away the vines that are overtaking some of the dungeon’s doors.

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Once you have discovered the room illustrated above, use the Fire Rod to burn away the vines in the left passage. Within the room, you will find the correct order for the switch-based puzzle that resides to the right of the first room filled with fireballs that you discovered.

Return to the main room of the dungeon after completing the puzzle and looting the three chests. Make your way through the leftward passage and ascend until you discover the White Skeleton Key. The main door within the dungeon’s main room will now be accessible, revealing the dungeon’s boss. Defeat the Great Demon in order to loot the nearby big blue chest for the Fire Seal and the Heart Container.

Skull Maze

The Skull Maze dungeon is located within the Graveyard Biome. There is no boss in this dungeon. However, there is a Skull Seal and a Necro Rod within the maze. Jaska of crafted a nifty map of the maze, which may be viewed below.

Forager Archaeology Item Locations and Dungeons Guide | Gaming Tier List (4)
Green DotOrange DotPurple TrianglePurple SquareBlue LineRed Arrow
ChestTorchDemon AlterObjectiveSecret AreaStarting Point

Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave dungeon is located within the Winter Biome. Upon entering the dungeon, you will come across a group of crystal balls and a powerful beam. Use the balls to manipulate the beam until the light shines directly on the nearby frozen door.

After unlocking the door by solving the puzzle, take the new path forward until you reach a ghost. Take out the enemy and farm the nearby crystals.

You will then come across another fork in your path. Take the path to the left and take the mining cart down. Aim the nearby crystals you will soon discover towards the large ice block to your left. Move down the screen until you find a group of enemies to battle. You will find another crystal, which needs to be aimed upwards.

Move to your right to discover more light beams. You will then have to configure all of the available crystals so that the light beams shoot backwards towards a previously locked door near the mining cart.

Continue onward until you reach the room illustrated below. You will have to configure the crystals to the formation illustrated, so that you can unlock the room that features the Ice Rod. You can use the Ice Rod to freeze the torches that were blocking the beams earlier in the dungeon.

Double back to the frozen skeleton key to open the final door and to fight the Ice Wizard boss for the Frozen Seal.

Forager Archaeology Item Locations and Dungeons Guide | Gaming Tier List (5)

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Forager Archaeology Item Locations and Dungeons Guide | Gaming Tier List (2024)
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